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Colt Starting


 Here at Lazy S Stables, we thoroughly enjoy being involved in with the transition from a colt to a successful, confident, giving, safe, and respectful horse partner by using the Natural Horsemanship method. Laying of the foundation is the starting point of every successful horse that wants to work WITH you as opposed to FOR you.

It all begins in the round pen, where your partner-to-be learns the core principles of join up, respect, pressure and release, willingly giving up control to you of their physical, mental and emotional aspects and understanding what is being asked of them.

Aside from turning over control to you (feet, shoulders, hindquarters, mind, flexing, disengagement, so on and forth), they also learn the valuable calm down cue and how to handle their fear, making them safe horses despite of any situations that may arise months/years from this point for that horses are natural flight animals and cannot be taught to never be afraid but can be taught how to cope with it-- safely and quickly.

Once they are proven in all aspects of their given lessons, they are then saddled and reintegrated the very same principles taught to them from the ground. This makes the transition from ground to saddle welcomed to the horse, and the process is smooth and creates absolutely no trauma, and boosts your partner's work ethic and confidence to tackle anything you wish to take on with him, from relaxed trail rides to the show ring.   

Your partner will come home to you as an understanding and willing partner who is an absolute delight to ride. With this in mind, we also encourage you to attend however many sessions as you'd like and to ask us for assistance for any reason at any day- We are not here just for your partner, we are also here for YOU!

 Client with her horse Kodiak! (Above)

Kelly working with Amigo!! (Below)

Brad (Jensen) working with Kohanna (Mustang) over the obstacles! (Below)   



Tune Up


Have you got a horse that hasn't been ridden in awhile?

Looking for someone to troubleshoot your horse?

Tight schedule?

Tired of dealing with a PUSHY/DISRESPECTFUL horse?

Nervous about the first ride of the season going bad?

Don't know to "work out the bugs" in your horse?

Has your horse spookiness made you nervous?

No place to ride?

Want your horse bucking/rearing/kicking/biting behavior to go away?

Bought a new horse and you're not sure what to expect after a few months of no riding has passed on by?

Have personal goals to meet but your horse is out of shape?

Need "gap fillers" done on your horse?

Want to increase your horse's market value?

Everything was going so well and all of a sudden you are faced with an issue with your partner and need help?

Want your horse in shape and ready to rock and roll with you?


If you answered "Yes" to any of the following questions above, Lazy S Stables can help you! We offer a wonderful tune up program for your partner!

Client with her horse, Taz! (Above)

Here is a list of most common basic exercises the said horse parttakes in:

-Round Pen work

-Ground Manners

-Respecting space

-Exposure to plastic bags, tarps, balloons, and more.



-Switching Leads

-Bending and Flexing

-Desensitizing and sensitizing

-Breaking at the poll


-Lengthening of the stride

-Speeding up

-Slowing down

-Backing up

-Quicker Stops

-Direct rein and neck reining

-and more!


Mike (Tesmer) and Kelly (Sonnenberg) working with a client's horse, Cricket!


Our system is based off actual hours spent with the horse. Please be aware that 1 hour equals 60 minutes, not "45 minutes". Leading, feeding, brushing, saddling, tying, misc. are NOT included in the "training clock" and is considered a given thing to be a part of everyday activities unless the said horse has a severe problem that needs addressing. We keep training log dairies that are sent with the owner at the end of the training along with the option of receiving a "before and after" DVD copy of their horse (new for 2016!). All owners in any package are given the option of taking free lessons while their horse is in training or to come back for 4 free lessons after the training (valid for two years). Upgrades from full time pasture board available upon request. 

Basic Package:
30 days- @ 1-2 hours 5 days a week = $600 ($400 for training, $200 for full pasture board)
Includes extensive ground work, and trouble shooting. 20 actual days of training- minimum of 20 to 40 hours actual training time Popular choice for first time tune uppers. 

Silver Package: 
45 Days - @ 1-2 hours 5-6 days a week = $900 ($600 for training, $300 for full time pasture board)
Includes extensive ground work, trouble shooting and increased time in the saddle. Minimum 30 actual days training to 36 days @ 30 hours min to 72 hours. Popular choice with colt starting.

Sliver Plus Package: 
60 Days - @ 1-2 hours 5-6 days a week = $1200 ($800 Training, $400 full time pasture board) 
Includes extensive ground work, troubleshooting, increased time in saddle, increased exposure, retraining horses are very successful with this package. Minimum 40 actual training days to 48 actual days @ 40 hours min to 96 hours. Popular choice with troubleshooting horses.

Gold Package: 
75 days - @ 1-2 hours 5-6 days a week = $1500 ($1000 Training, $500 full time pasture board) 
Includes extensive ground work, troubleshooting, increased time in the saddle, increased exposure, fine tuning. Minimum 50 actual training days to 60 actual days @ 50 hours min to 120 hours

Gold Plus Package:
90 days - @ 1-2 hours 5-6 days a week = $1800 ($1200 Training, $600 full time pasture board)
Includes extensive ground work, troubleshooting, putting miles on, fine tuning, refinement. Second most popular choice for colt starting and specific competition training. Minimum 60 actual training days to 72 actual days @ 60 hours min to 144 hours.

Platinum Package: *NEW* 
45 Days with 90 Day training quality boot camp
3 hours daily MINIMUM 6 days a week = $1250 
(Minimum $520 in savings! $950 training, $300 full time pasture board- only $100 more to upgrade to stall in this package) 
36 actual days @ 108 hours minimum to 150 hours. 

Get back a brand new horse that has the whistles and bells on ground and in saddle that is rock solid in the Fundamentals! 

This is a quality training that cannot be found anywhere else in Minnesota. Pitted against typical "30 days" even against other trainers- they have taken on so many horses and work from sun up to sun down and only realistically/honestly work their client horses 45 minutes 5 days a week. Does it produce results for them? Yes 80% of the time. Are horses likely to revert back to their old ways with just 30 days with other trainers? Absolutely. Why? At 1 hour a day 5 days a week you are only getting roughly 20 actual training days at 20 hours. 

We are strict about number of training horses that we take in because we are FIRM on delivering that QUALITY training while saving our clients money. This Platinum package is only 6 weeks long, with TRIPLE the training and makes it much easier on the horse to readily absorb the lessons and owners get back their horse in shorter amount of time and best part? Owners don't have to pay transportation fee to send their horses down to Texas to receive this type of quality training- after all you cannot cheat miles! This offers equal doses of miles, wet pads, and focused riding via Natural Horsemanship style!


 Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


Happy Trails!